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Vagabond State

This jewelry collection draws inspiration from Diderot’s piece, Philosophical Thoughts. It is possible to catch the visions by bound of our senses in the objects of collection.  Sound of senses.


“’ESPİNASSE.— … So, what about continuity, how it happened? It doesn’t ever concern him… An alive and sentient molecule melts in another alive and sentient molecule as like as that a drop of           quicksilver melts another drop of quicksilver… At first, there were two drops, but after contiguity, there was only one anymore… Before the assimilation, there were two molecules, but after it, there was one… Each of sentiment becomes to one common sentiment in the mutual mass…  Why let it not be so? …  Combinations never stop to become, so identity and continuity appear again… And then action and reaction like always…  It is obvious that the contiguity of two alive molecules is totally different from the contiguity of two stagnant masses…

D’ALEMBERT. — …  Is it any wonder? All beings nest one other and likewise all species… Everything is an eternal recurrence. Each animal is a kind of human being, each matter is a kind of plant and each plant is a kind of animal. There is nothing certain in nature…

DİDEROT.­­­— Because everything bounds to some else, in nature.  One who has thought a new event happened or who has revived a past moment has created a new world actually.

Technique: Experimental Freehand

Material: Gold and Silver Plated Version on Brass

Photographer: Sevda Uslu

Jewelry: Seda Uslu

Production Date: 2015

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