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Haunt The Legends

In this collection, I point out the traditional handicrafts that have sunk into oblivion. The collection takes its inspiration from mythology.


Technique: Copper Relief Art. Handcraft

Material: Gold plated on Copper and Onyx stone

Photographer: Sevda Uslu

Jewelry: Seda Uslu

Production date: 2020



Necklace: Full of Myth. Simurgh, Cerberus, Icarus, Leviathan, Shahmaran figures. 

Bracelet: Dragon (Chinese Mythology)                              

Bracelet: Simurgh (Persian Mythology)                              

Earring: Shahmaran (Persian Mythology)  

Ring: The hand of Prometheus (Greek Mythology)                          

Earring: Dragon (Chinese Mythology)                                 



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