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This jewelry collection has been inspired by the ancient city of Mardin, Eastern Turkey. Roots reaching back to 3000 BC, Mardin allowed me to travel through space and time to learn the silver work craft “Filigree” and gain insight into the art-design-craft concepts.

All pieces in the collection are handmade. “Hand is elongation, sustaining of intelligence and sensibility”  since “hand” is all about  technique. Heidegger rejects the artist’s stigmatization as a craftsman in his “the Question Concerning Technology”. Clarification of the difference between art and craft leads to a direction in the craft of art. According to him this sign is a creation. It is the essence of creation that guides the hand in art. Essence is truth. Truth comes out as poetry and all arts are actually expressions of poetry.

The Essence of the jewelry is the Poem. Had I not heard Comte de Lautréamont, Edip Cansever or any other poets’ words, this ring or that earing would not have revealed itself. Poetry always helps us to pour out our heart - This collection shows how poetry is portrayed. Again just because of this I wish they turn into poetic beauty by wearing these jewelery  pieces  Knowing that there is nothing more than a sign that all these must be interpreted.

Technique: Filigree. Handcraft

Material: Pure silver and Obsidian Stone

Photographer: Serkan Akkaş

Jewelry: Seda Uslu

Production date: 2017


Bracelet: The flowers of Evil

Earring: Take after falling star in a cloudless night

Bracelet: Ezda / Yazidi

Ring: Here is like drinking sap of lily

Earring: Planets that dealing with their own destiny

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